Backyard Fire Pits

As an established Connecticut landscaping design service we understand that there is so much more that goes into personalizing your home and the property it sits on then just keeping a neat lawn. One of the many things we can offer is installation of a beautiful custom fire pit for your backyard. As a Connecticut Fire Pit installation company, we know that Fire pits are useful on so many levels that they can add the perfect personalized touch to your property that will really set it apart.

Custom Outdoor Fire Pits

Aesthetically, custom backyard fire pits in use are just a gorgeous addition to any property. The site of a safely lit fire over your own personalized design can look absolutely breathtaking over the backdrop of a Connecticut night. Customizations such as a fire pit are the type of thing that can add serious value to your property. If your only goal is to add value to a home in order to sell, this could be the addition that puts the property over the edge and makes the extra money you are looking for on the Connecticut real estate market.

For those settling into a new home and starting a family, our backyard fire pit customization and installation can be the beginning of turning a house into a home and starting new traditions. Imagine Christmas Eve spent with family and loved ones listening to holiday music and enjoying the warmth of a fire from the pit you lent your own ideas to and let us install. You could literally have “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” while listening to the actual song and enjoying the love and warmth of each others’ company and that of the custom fire pit itself.

Why a Backyard Fire Pit?

If you are the type of family that loves to entertain guests whether it be for business or pleasure, a custom outdoor fire pit is something people are drawn to and want to spend time around. In the middle of a Connecticut Winter, it isn’t a difficult to decision whether to have an evening gathering at someone’s house with an ice cold pool or the warmth of your own outdoor fire pit. And you and your guests will certainly not run out of things to talk about with this gorgeous conversation starter with its dancing flames, working its magic in your backyard in front of all your guests. Even when it isn’t the focus of attention, the ambiance and atmosphere it sets can shape the entire mood of an evening. It certainly couldn’t hurt your chances at work by having the boss’ family over for a dinner party ended with drinks in front of this beautiful setting.

Most importantly, customizations like this are the foundation for making memories with family and friends that last a lifetime. If this sounds like a good fit for your property contact us today to get started.

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