Connecticut Hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to the use of stone or any other hard materials incorporated into making pits, walkways, patios, driveways, and other elements of outdoor landscaping design. Hardscaping is a great way to improve the look of your outdoor space, making a great transition from the interior home décor. As Connecticut’s premier Hardscaping Contractors, we know that Hardscaping is not only done for aesthetic purposes but also to add functionality to the exterior space that is often overlooked. Different elements and designs can be implemented to fit any space available.

Stone Paver Walkways

Stone paver walkways are a beautiful and easy way to make your outdoor look uniquely amazing. They are also very functional as they will save your lawn from destruction due to foot traffic. What makes this a great addition, is that they will allow you to grow out your lawn adding to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor. Get this great addition to your home with Connecticut hardscapers that will make your outdoor the envy of many friends and neighbors.

Stone Paver Driveways

Stone paver driveways are one of the most requested outdoor elements when it comes to Connecticut hardscaping. Stone paver driveways serve as a great investment for every home- owner due to their numerous advantage. First and foremost, they are extremely durable as they are able to handle the weight of the vehicle without cracking underneath. Second, not only are they functional but they’re available in different colors. To add a bit of character to your outdoor, you can mix up patterns and play up with the colors. For a uniform look, you can also easily match the colors to those of your house.

Stone Paver Patios

Patios make great use for your outdoor space. You can entertain your friends outside the house, sit and unwind after a hard day’s work or weekend barbecue. Stone paver patios are affordable and easy to maintain. Connecticut hardscapers offer different designs on stone paver patios to fit every outdoor space.

Stone Paver Pits

Fire pits have become a very important element of Connecticut hardscaping. This is mostly due to the fact that they instantly add value to the house and can be used all year round. Fire pits are a great way to add an intimate feel to your outdoor space. What makes stone paver pits so incredible is that they are durable as they can withstand all weather conditions.

Stone Paver Steps

Steps are always unexpected when it comes to outdoor décor yet they prove to be very essential. They are a great and creative way to enhance safety outdoors.

Stone Ponds and Waterfalls

This is a growing trend in Connecticut hardscaping and with good reason. Stone ponds and waterfalls look great and will give your outdoor space a sense of sophistication. Because of the use of stone, one is easily fooled to think the ponds and waterfalls created are natural.

Outdoor Living Space

Different design elements can be used to transform your outdoor living space from a dull and worn out exterior to a beautifully defined space. Depending on the space available and other factors, you can easily incorporate design elements to match your interior décor. With the help of Connecticut hardscapers your outdoor living space can be transformed to a valuable functionally space in no time.

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