Connecticut Hydroseeding

Whether you are installing a new lawn or repairing areas of an existing lawn, hydroseeding is a cost efficient way to ensure the best possible growth conditions for grass seed. A green slurry of grass seed, fertilizer and mulch is created that is then applied with a special high pressure hose in the areas of desired lawn growth. Hydroseeding provides an ideal growth environment with the end result of a well-established and robust lawn.

  • New Lawn Installation
  • Existing Lawn Repair
  • Athletic Field Design & Installation

Connecticut Hydroseeding Contractors

As a homeowner, every few years, you will likely need to install a new lawn or repair damaged areas of your existing lawn. While there are many ways to do this,  the most cost-effective and efficient way to install grass is by hydroseeding. Here at Midstate Excavation & Landscaping, we provide excellent Connecticut hydroseeding services to our customers.

What is Hydroseeding?

If you’ve never paid for Connecticut hydroseeding, chances are you’ve planted grass seeds before in your lawn, only for them not to grow as well as intended. This occurred because the grass seeds weren’t planted in the most optimal growth conditions for grass seeds.

Hydroseeding creates the most optimal growing conditions for grass seeds by making a mixture composed of the perfect proportions of the following ingredients: grass seed, mulch, and fertilizer. This mixture is then applied to soil with a high pressure hose that is specifically made for hydroseeding.

Advantages of Hydroseeding

Now you may be wondering, “Is hydroseeding really worth it?” When it comes to Connecticut hydroseeding services, you will certainly find that the many advantages make the service entirely worthwhile. Here are a few reasons why you should pay for Connecticut hydroseeding services.

Cost Effective

The main advantage of hydroseeding is that it is cost-effective. Many homeowners make the mistake of installing grass without hydroseeding, and they usually end up with an either barren or half-dead lawn. If you pay for hydroseeding, it is practically guaranteed that you will end up with a robust and beautiful lawn within just a few weeks. While hydroseeding may sound like a pricey service, it is actually the most economical choice. With hydroseeding, you won’t have to pay excess costs for the materials or the installation demands of hand seeding and sodding.


Hydroseeding is also very efficient and certain to save you a lot of time. As you may know firsthand, traditional hand seeding and sodding methods take many, many hours. On the other hand, hydroseeding services will have your lawn planted in no time flat. That way, you will be able to direct your time to more important, productive matters than lawn installation.

Lawn Quality

In general, hydroseeding tends to create far healthier lawns than more traditional methods. Now only are the lawns healthier, but they are also greener and more robust-looking. Coverage is greater with hydroseeding, so you can expect your lawn to be uniform and thick. Your lawn will have very few, if any, barren patches. Lawns planted by hydroseeding tend to last longer than other lawns because the roots of the grass are established deeper into the soil. This avoids the shock that often occurs when grass is transplanted into new, foreign soil.

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