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Midstate Excavation and Landscaping provides beautiful Landscape Design in and Landscaping Services in Connecticut. Landscape Design provides not only an aesthetically pleasing look to your property but also is a worthy investment to the value of your home.

Water Features

Peaceful ponds, trickling waterfalls, and cascading fountains are not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscaping, but they offer a calming ambiance, soothing sounds, and tranquil serenity. Water features require careful planning, meticulous installation, and proper maintenance to ensure optimum function and longevity.

Leak-proof chambers or sealed liners along with complex mechanical pumps and water pipes are required to create a stunning feature that properly directs and controls the flow and distribution of the water itself. Special valves, mechanisms, filters, accessories, and lighting help to embellish the appearance of the flowing water while various building materials along with water-friendly plant life are often used to enhance the overall appearance of your new landscaping addition. Regardless if you are seeking a regal rock masterpiece or a simplistic, beach-inspired garden pond with subtle rocks and fine sand, the creative team at Midstate will bring everything you envision about your water feature to life.

Poorly planned water features often become damaged, clogged, or a less than desirable haven for bugs and critters. If you are looking for a sophisticated design that is both efficient and dependable, allow the experts at Midstate to make your landscaping dreams a reality. From the initial preparatory stages and ground breaking commencement, to the final touches and first flow of water through your fountain, the experienced and professional team at Midstate will provide nothing short of a superior feature that will compliment your yard or patio.

Turn your outdoor space into an elegant oasis with the subtle sounds of spilling, bubbling, and splashing from your new water feature. Contact Midstate Excavation & Landscaping today to learn more about how they can help you plan and pull off the ultimate backyard water feature.

Paver Driveways

Using high quality paver stones, a boring, monotonous driveway can be instantly transformed into a sophisticated surface with precise pattern and profound intricacy. Paver stones not only drastically improve the sophistication and appearance of a driveway, but they add tremendous value and aesthetic curb appeal to the exterior of any home or property. Because paver stones come in a variety of shapes and colors, the design aspects are literally endless. These tenacious stones have the utmost durability and flawlessly fit together to create a mosaic masterpiece that doubles as a functional driveway. The stones themselves offer a luxurious appearance that immediately brightens and amplifies the sophistication and elegance of your outdoor space.

Unlike concrete or asphalt driveways which require regular maintenance and are more prone to unsightly cracking, paver stone driveways have the ability to slightly shift with minor changes in the grade of the land itself. High quality paver stones often offer a lifetime warranty, and in the rare event of damage, single stone repairs to this type of driveway are fast and convenient. Not only are paver driveways stunning to look at, but they have a longer expected lifespan than other driveway types.

If you like the idea of a driveway that is not only dependable, but offers unmatched sophistication and visual appeal, call Midstate today to schedule the design and installation of your next paver stone driveway.


Hydroseeding involves the mechanical spraying of an aggregate mixture of water, seed, and various filler materials to larger areas of land. There are a plethora of benefits to this landscaping practice, including the fact that hydroseeding offers effective coverage for sloped grades and other hard-to-seed areas. The moist combination allows for hydroseed to securely adhere to most dirt surfaces and unlike traditional, dry seed, this mixture will not blow away on a windy day. The moistening process also helps to stimulate the germination phase within the seeds, ultimately resulting in faster growth.
Have you experienced problems with runoff washing away dry seed? Because hydroseeding offers more efficient coverage and faster growth, this method is more likely to produce the long lasting, soft, luscious grass in those problem areas.

This method is not just intended for slopes or other difficult terrain. Hydroseeding requires minimal maintenance and is incredibly cost effective – regardless if you are treating a hill or a flat yard. With this method, there is no need for additional layering of protective mulch or straw – which can often contain seeds for unsightly weeds and crab grass. Hydroseeding is much more affordable than laying sod and has a better reputation in terms of growth. Sod carpets come with a risk because an entire section of growth can be compromised if the sheet does not take to the earth. Laying sod is also much more time consuming.

Hydroseeding allows for complete customization of the type of grass you prefer for your lawn. Depending on your geographical location as well as other environmental factors, the experts at Midstate will help to determine which type(s) of grass will be the most conducive for your setting. They can also blend a variety of different grass seeds to produce a lawn that is realistic, functional, and nice to look at, regardless of the season! If a new lawn is in your near future, or you just want to spot seed a difficult terrain, contact Midstate Excavation & Landscaping today!

Paver Walkways

Similar to paver driveways, high quality paver stones can be used to construct attractive, whimsical, and pleasant paths that are not only nice to look at, but incredibly functional and easy to maintain. Regardless if you need a traditional sidewalk leading to the entrances of your home, or you are looking for secret passageways that weave and wind between the lush foliage of your backyard, paver walkways create a sophisticated, polished, and unique ambiance amongst your tailored landscaping.

Say goodbye to that plain, boring concrete sidewalk and say hello to a masterpiece of a walkway that simply screams perfection and elegance. A paver stone walkway will completely transform the exterior of your home and highly impress your guests as they approach your front door.
Extravagant gardens, splendid water features, and extraordinary outdoor fixtures are great, but only if you can access and enjoy them easily. Make sure you and your house guests can conveniently explore the nooks and crannies of your carefully manicured outdoor space with the creative mosaic effects of a paver stone path.

Allow the landscaping team at Midstate to customize and install durable, unique, and attractive paver stone walkways in your yard or patio area for that flawlessly manicured touch to the exterior of your home.


Patios may be constructed out of a myriad of different building materials, but ultimately create a flat and functional space that allows for pleasant socializing, peaceful relaxation, enjoyable outdoor meals, and so much more. From simplistic, flush-with-the-ground flats, to extensive plans with multi-level spaces and unique additions, the team at Midstate will help to design and install the perfect play or party space that will flawlessly enhance your outdoor areas.

Patios make exceptional extensions to your porch or swimming pool areas, and they are also great for connecting and polishing various features like boardwalks, bridges, pergolas, and gazebos. Patios create the perfect space for outdoor furniture, grills, and fire pits, so if you are an avid entertainer, a patio is a must.

Patio construction materials range from poured concrete to rare rock and high quality stones that are meticulously laid with unsurpassed perfection. With so many choices and potential layout designs, the options for this type of landscaping addition are literally endless. If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and having an outdoor space that is both polished and refined, consider making a new patio a priority on your home renovation to-do list.

Flower Bed Design

Having a designated space for certain plant life to reside not only helps to make maintenance and care a more efficient process, but flower beds are incredibly attractive and provide outstanding organization and systemization to your foliage.

Flower beds offer intentional arrangement and sophisticated style to any outdoor space. In addition to serving as a haven for pleasant looking plants, flower beds also help to keep dirt and debris isolated in one area, rather than having the elements scatter mulch, leaves and sticks around your yard.

When it comes to creating a stunning display of various plant life, it is imperative to understand the growing and flowering patterns so that similar plants are not competing for nutrients nor are they creating an asymmetric or uneven image. Most garden owners prefer their beds to present controlled variety with a combination of visual centerpieces and additional complimentary components.

Haphazard plant choice and poorly planned spacing of the plants may result in a chaotic flowerbed that is somewhat confusing and overwhelming. If you are looking for an unmatched flower bed to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space, be sure to contact Midstate’s remarkable team of professional designers and expert landscapers.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls not only create a visual focal point within your yard’s landscaping design, but these additions also serve a very functional purpose of protecting and maintaining variations in the grade and shape of the land. Regardless if you have erosion and runoff problems, or you simply want to break up the appearance of your outdoor space, a retaining wall creates an interesting, appealing, and purposeful feature that separates certain areas with a definitive structure.

Regardless of size, retaining walls must be carefully planned to ensure they are sturdy enough to withstand the pressures of the land behind them. The majority of retaining walls are specifically built to bear the weight and load of excavated dirt, and over time, the elements like wind and rain can cause even more pressure against the structure. For that matter, it is important to enlist the professional insight of an experienced company like Midstate Excavation & Landscaping.

The experts at Midstate will help to design and install a structurally sound retaining wall to effectively maintain the shape of the space as well as add visual appeal and interest.

Retaining walls might be used for a tiered flower bed or to polish and perfect the transition from one landscaping addition to another. For example, a retaining wall might be a necessary extension of your porch or patio that offers a more cohesive, finished appearance. Increase the look and value of your yard with the installation of a new retaining wall. Give Midstate a call today to learn more about getting the ball rolling on your next landscaping projects.

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