Best Lawn Seed for New England

Best Lawn Seed for New England

New England is known for its idyllic landscapes, unique residential architecture and old American aesthetic. Needless to say, if you’re a New England homeowner, you’ve probably thought about how your home and lawn can take part in and add to that beauty. For many, one of the key elements of a home’s beauty is the quality of its lawn. In the face of the region’s hot summers and bitterly cold winters, however, choosing just the right lawn seed can be quite the challenge. Take a look at the following guide to determine which of the three major types of grass seed is right for you!

Perennial Rye

A coarse, thick, incredibly fast-growing grass seed (with a germination period of approximately 5-7 days), Perennial Rye is a great selection for New England homeowners looking to develop a lawn in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, Perennial Rye may offer a somewhat short-lived lawn, with patches generally starting to thin as soon as 1-3 years after planting. To maintain the look of a Perennial Rye lawn, homeowners will need to keep a close eye on the state of their grass and be sure to over-seed or re-plant as needed. Perennial Rye grass does not develop a large underground root system to support the lawn, unlike some other types of grass. Even so, for new homeowners looking to put a little green on the ground before the housewarming party, Perennial Rye is an excellent choice that yields quick results.


Available in two types, fine and tall, fescue grass is a drought-and-shade-resistant, high-traffic tolerant plant that many New Englanders use for backyard areas where children, pets and dinner guests might make regular appearances. A sort of mid-range option between Perennial Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue grasses are cool-season grasses that do best in mild weather, but can grow well in either sun or shade. This particular seed type germinates in roughly 14-18 days, and will–unlike Perennial Rye–fill in “bald spots” in the lawn as it grows.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This grass is a quick-growing, hearty seed that germinates within 18-21 days and is particularly well suited to the cool season. It will grow underground rhizome roots to help fill in bare patches during the cool, comfortable months, and the more the grass is cut during this season, the more it will grow. To protect itself from the hot summer months, Kentucky Bluegrass will go dormant. Thanks to its broad root system, Kentucky Bluegrass is incredibly resistant to cold damage and disease. This particular type of grass is also quite aesthetically pleasing, with a nice, rich dark green color that northeast homeowners love.

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