Landscaping Tips for Small Yard

Home Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Your yard may be petite, but it’s full of promise. With a few easy landscaping tricks and tweaks, you can have all the functionality of a large space with the charm and easy maintenance of a small one.

Plan your space

Divide your yard into different functional zones. Fences and the like can make the lawn feel even smaller, so look for ways to use low stone retaining walls, rows of plants, and strategically placed paths to create natural divisions. Don’t forget the side yard; with a little work, these often-ignored narrow strips of space can create a charming, private nook. Once you’ve created the zones, give each area a purpose. For instance, you can create a casual seating arrangement around a small fire pit, then in another corner set up a tree with tire swing and small sandbox for the kids, and finally around the side construct a mobile garden of potted plants and reading nook featuring your favorite lounge chair.

Use color and design elements to trick the eyes

Long, straight lines give the illusion of a deeper yard. A rose arbor or splash of bright color can frame a gorgeous view or pull attention to outdoor attractions such as a lovely old tree or artistic focal point. Simple neutrals or a screen of vines can disguise unappealing but necessary features such as your water spigot and garden hose. Also, pay attention to the scale of what you have outside. Sure, you may be able to squeeze a large patio couch in, but that bulky piece of furniture dwarfs everything else and makes the space claustrophobic. Instead, open up the lawn with a small cluster of airy rattan chairs.

Ingenious solutions for small gardens

Potted flowers can add a pop of color on the edge of steps or along walkways. You can also get inexpensive planter boxes to hang from windows. Prefer produce over flowers? Dwarf varieties of many bushes, fruit trees, and vegetables let the gardener pack a wide variety of edible plants into a small space. Finally, if there isn’t enough square footage to meet your needs, why not garden upwards? A set of planter box tiers in a vertical pyramid doubles as a great space saver and focal piece.

Banish backyard clutter

Indoors and out, clutter is one of the main things that can make a space seem tiny. It’s also one of the easiest problems to fix. Put out-of-season accessories and into discreet storage boxes slid under patio furniture. Invest in a potting shed with shelves to get those gardening supplies organized and out of sight. Keep paths clear of wayward children’s toys, and your small yard will feel twice the size.

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