How to Prevent Lawn & Grass Damage with Your Zero Turn Lawn Mower


How to Prevent Lawn & Grass Damage with Your Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Zero Turn Lawnmowers have made cutting grass and keeping your lawn neat easier than ever. However, these lawn mowers have a bit of a steep learning curve, and if you are new to cutting grass with Zero Turn Mower, you may end up damaging your lawn and the grass on it. One of the hardest parts about using this type of a lawn mower is navigating around obstacles such as shrubs and trees in your compound.

When you don’t have much experience with a Zero Turn Lawnmower, you end up tearing up your lawn whenever you try to make a tight turn. However, with a bit of practice, maneuvering around the property with your new Zero Turn Lawnmower will be a piece of cake. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to use a Zero Turn Lawnmower without causing any lawn and grass damage on your compound.

How to do 180 Degree Turns with a Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The reason why Zero Lawn Mowers tear the turf when making tight turns is that one of the wheels is left locked in place while the other keeps moving. To avoid causing damage to the lawn, you need to make sure that both wheels continue to spin free when you are making 180-degree turns. The aim is to turn while on the move, forward or backward, instead of spinning in tight circles.

Practice Makes Perfect

You may not always be able to make tight turns with a Zero Turn Lawnmower without damaging your lawn. However, with regular practice, you will get better at it. Before you start mowing the lawn, make several practice laps around the edges of your property. This will help you perfect the controls and get better at making tight turns without causing any damages.

Master the Control Levers

Mastering the use of the control levers will help you mow your loan without damaging the turf. There are two control levers on a Zero Turn Lawn Mower. Pushing both control levers forward — at the same time — moves the lawn mower forward in a straight line. When you push one control lever further forward than the other, the lawn mower turns in the opposite direction.

For instance, pushing the left control lever further forward than the right control lever results in a right turn — and vice versa. You don’t have to ruin your turf every you try to mow it. It sure will take some time and practice but you will eventually be able to make turns without damaging your lawn.

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