Oceanfront & Coastal Landscaping IdeasTop 3 Landscaping Ideas For Oceanfront Homes

When landscaping for a home that’s lucky enough to be located on the ocean, keep in mind that it should be easy to care for and good for the environment. There’s no need to make things harder on yourself than they need to be—especially since you should be enjoying beach life as much as you can!

As you begin landscaping, take advantage of the great views, but also keep in mind the potential for high winds, tides, hurricanes and more. In addition, your landscaping should look great in all kinds of areas: those for gathering, dining and relaxing.

Landscaping for your oceanfront home can be very fun and successful if you learn the tricks before you begin. Here are three tips to make your home stand out—from the street or the beach.

1. Choose the right plants.

Naturally-occurring oceanfront landscapes look so beautiful because they only contain plants that can handle harsh beach conditions. When gardening for your oceanfront home, it’s important to plant the same things that are proven to be successful in the environment.

To see what plants thrive near the ocean in your area, see what’s growing well there. The plants that naturally belong will thrive most. To see what plants grow best near your house, try going to a nearby beachfront nature preserve. These native plants enhance your property because they will grow right up to the high-tide line and hold the sand in place.

Other tips for planting:

  • Choose plants that do well in salt. Because many plants can be hurt or killed by a salty breeze, salt spray can be a challenge for oceanfront landscaping. Plus, storms and hurricanes can severely damage plants by flooding them with surges of saltwater, so it’s vital to make sure your plants are salt-tolerant.
  • Your plants should also be drought-resistant. Since your soil is probably mostly sand, don’t plant anything that needs lots of water.
  • Alternate small-leaved plants with large-leaved plants. This helps your landscape look healthy and beautiful. Tip: Make the plants curve so it imitates the natural beach landscape.
  • Smaller plants and trees become better acclimated to environmental stresses than larger plants.
2. Use local landscaping materials.

Doing so will save money and look much more natural. It’s a good idea to use native stones to make stone pavers and stucco. Plus, when you use native plants, you can use them even after they die in things like hardwoods for building and leaves for mulching.

3. Build wisely

Building decks or boardwalks always looks great on oceanfront homes, but it’s a good idea to use sustainably-grown ipe, which won’t rot or break.

Another tip is to add a screened-in porch with a fireplace. This is a perfect way to enjoy the breeze off the water any time of year.

Last, an outdoor shower will keep the sand on the beach and out of your house!

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