Ways To Winterize Your Stone Pavers And Prevent DamageWays To Winterize Your Stone Pavers And Prevent Damage

Property owners who have made an investment into manicuring their grounds with stone patio and walkway pavers may want to prepare for the imminent cold weather. Winter does more than dust ice and snow over prominent landscaping assets, it can test their mettle.

Consider the variety of things that require winterization such as automobiles, gutters, windows, garden hoses and others. At Midstate Excavation and Landscaping, we help define properties and a rich and practical way. We hope these tips about winterizing will help ensure the longevity of your stone pavers.

Support Paver Joints

After the initial installation, the polymeric sand between the stone pavers may begin to settle and create vacancies. These gaps are important to control because they can lead to a buildup of unwelcome items. Weeds can begin to take hold and their powerful roots systems can undermine the integrity of the layout. In terms of winterization, these gaps can fill with water, freeze and alter the spacing and flatness of the stone paver system. By dousing the walkway or patio with sand and sweeping it thoroughly into the gaps, such breaches can be avoided.

Properly Seal Stone Pavers

A good sealer can help thwart weeds from growing between stone pavers. Acrylic, polymeric sealers rank among the best products because they can also make it easier to keep the layout clean. By having the paver system sealed every other year, water will bead off and provide an additional layer of protection. Stopping water penetration is a terrific defense against winter damage.

Clearing Snow From Stone Pavers

Snow removal can degrade the quality of the stone paver surface if not done with caution. Consider the damage a metal shovel or snow blower can inflict. Scratched up pavers will not be as pleasing to the eye. That’s why it’s important to either allow the snow to melt naturally, where possible, or employ a snow-melting brand that uses calcium magnesium acetate as its active ingredient. Avoid most traditional salts.

Manage Water Runoff

Water runoff is not just a problem during the rainy season. Snow accumulations will inevitably go through a melting and freezing cycle all winter long. It’s important that this water be directed away from the stone walkways and patios. As it warms and cools, it could have a negative impact on the integrity of your stone pavers. Basically, freezing and refreezing water may crack the pavers or make them uneven. Taking preventative measures may save time and money in the long run.

We hope these tips help property owners protect your stone paver designs and the enjoyment they provide. At Midstate Excavation & Landscaping, we offer a full range of excavation and landscaping services. For more information about patio and walkway design and installation, contact us today.

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