When is the Best time to Aerate your Lawn in Connecticut?


When is the Best time to Aerate your Lawn in Connecticut?

Fundamental lawn care practices are essential to achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn. Such practices include mowing, watering, fertilizing, and aerating your lawn. The latter, however, is a crucial element of lawn care. Aeration entails punching small holes in the lawn, to enhance circulation of water, air, and nutrients within the soil. As a homeowner in Connecticut, this guide will help you know the best time to aerate your

Aerate During High Growth Periods

The opportune time to aerate your lawn is during or before periods of high growth. Conversely, it is not advisable to aerate during or directly before periods of stress to the lawn, be it from drought or heat. The primary consideration when determining the best time to aerate is the type of grass on your lawn. If your turf consists of cool-season grass such as rye grass, bluegrass or rescue, the ideal time to aerate is in the course of the growth periods in the spring and fall.

Equally, warm-season grass such as buffalo grass, Bermudas, grassroots, and St. Augustine should be aerated during the warm seasons; between late spring and early autumn. During spring, it is advisable to mow the lawn severally before aerating, to ensure that the lawn is growing fast enough. Therefore, you can be certain that the turf will recover and benefit from the improved pore space at the roots created by aeration.

Beware of the Weeds

You must be aware that lawn aeration during spring may bring buried seed to the surface, thus instigating weed competition. You can curb weed competition, and increase the resilience of the grass by applying a top dressing, and a pre-emergent weed killer after finishing aeration. However, if your plan is to oversee post-aeration, do not use the weed killer as it will inhibit the seeds you plant from germinating. For the best results, plan to aerate your lawn early in the fall to ensure that the turf recovers before it is required to prepare for winter dormancy. Regarding frequency, most lawns will do well with once-a-year aeration. Conversely, if the soil in your turf has a high clay content, or is generally compacted, it will require aeration twice per year.

The primary reason behind lawn aeration is to assuage soil compaction. Compact soils have numerous solid particles in a particular space, which hinder the efficient circulation of water, air, and nutrients within the soil. Dense organic debris buried under the surface of the grass and excess lawn thatch can also deprive the roots of these crucial elements. However, the trick lies in knowing the best time to aerate. Do not hassle; contact Midstate Excavation & Landscaping for all your lawn aeration needs in Connecticut or the greater New England.

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