When Should You Start Mowing Your Lawn in the Spring in New EnglandWhen Should You Start Mowing Your Lawn in the Spring in New England

You may look outside during a nice winter day and start to wonder, “Is it okay to do the mowing?” The answer to this depends on many factors. However, due to the chilly conditions of winter, grass grows at a very slow rate. It may even seem like it is not growing, making it unnecessary to do the mowing.

When to do your mowing

As spring approaches, the temperature warms up leading to a normal growth of the grass. Since regions and seasons differ, there is no specific date which can be a guarantee that the grass will start to grow. You should check to determine if it has started to actively grow. To protect the roots, do not mow when the grass is below 3 inches.


Just as mowing is vital during spring, so is fertilizing. Grass requires a boost of their nutrients after the spring season. It is necessary as it nourishes the roots resulting in a healthy lawn. It ensures the grass kicks with a high gear in the spring.


Proper timing of your watering during spring encourages growth of strong grass. Instead of just rushing out at any free time with a hose pipe, consider waiting till during the evening sun set. It will encourage the grass roots to grow deeper during the dry spell. It is important as it will result in a healthy lawn even as temperatures continue to rise. You should water deeply but not frequently, like an inch of water every week.

Spring deadspot

It is a tan or a circular patch on your lawn which appears at the beginning of spring. You should carefully study your yard as the fungal disease can even take two years without being noticed. During this time, it remains hidden in the thatch.

When mowing ensure the ground is not frozen, to avoid walking on frozen turfs. Frozen turfs are not growing and cutting them can prevent sprouting of shoot. It is the major cause of the spring deadspot.

To avoid this fungal disease, you should remove thatch. You should not let the thatch become more than a half inch thick. Also, you should water the grass regularly to ensure it is hydrated during the summer. Using a low nitrogen fertilizer during autumn  helps the grass defend itself from the thatch disease during winter.


It is a good idea to just leave your first cutting on the grass. The clippings and debris will help prevent evaporation of soil water. It also acts as manure promoting healthy growth of your lawn. Mulching also saves you the energy of picking up the grass.

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