Connecticut Paver and Natural Stone Patios

Connecticut Paver and Natural Stone Patios

Want to turn your yard into a more sophisticated and stylish landscape? Or maybe you want to turn your backyard into the perfect barbecue hangout? Well, a patio is just the thing you’ll want as there are many designs to choose from, and you can put one almost wherever you’d like. We provide lovely paver and natural stone patios for Connecticut estates that can be customized to perfectly complement your home.

Unused space in your backyard is an opportunity to upgrade to a nice patio for a display of nice outdoor furniture that will serve as the perfect platform for hosting family get-togethers and friendly barbecues. Imagine kicking back in a reclining patio chair with a drink after a long day of yard work. If this sounds like something you could live with, let us handle the brute work.

Natural Stone Patio Installation in Connecticut

Our crew has years of experience designing and installing the perfect patios for all of our clients. Though we don’t fit the conventional image of an artist, that’s exactly what we are. Each of our patios are custom-made after consulting with you about what shape you’d like, how much surface you want to cover and what type of paver or natural stone you want to go with.

We can make garden and patio hybrids, poolside patios or hangout patios one step away from the back door. Once we have worked with you to create a patio plan, we get to work quickly. Our professional CT patio crew will install your patio just as it was drawn out on paper, ensuring every step of the process, from digging out the area to laying each individual piece, comes out exactly how you imagined in your head.

Best Uses for a Natural Stone Patio in CT

To give you some ideas about where you can put your patio along with the benefits it provides, let’s take a look at some of your options:

The Classic Backyard Patio

You walk out of your back door barefoot and feel the sun-stricken patio warming the bottoms of your feet. Sounds lovely, right? This backyard patio becomes the grill and chill hangout, playing host to birthday parties and family events.

The Pool Patio

Hop in and out of the pool on a non-slip surface that also doubles as the perfect spot to lay out and get a tan. A paver patio path leading from the back patio to the pool is a great way to improve the look of your backyard.

The Garden Patio

Picture a checkerboard-style area in your yard, where some spaces are paver patio, and the others simply spaces left alone for you to grow whatever you please. Now you can walk peacefully through your beautiful garden without getting mud all over your shoes.

Why Choose Midstate For Your Connecticut Stone Patio Needs?

Not only do we make beautifully-designed natural stone patios, we build them to last for decades. We are there every step of the way to accommodate any changes that you might want, and we always make sure that you are still happy with the project as it progresses. Add beauty and practicality to your lawn with our paver and natural stone patios. We serve all of Connecticut, so give us a call today!

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